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Data Management

Quantech Database SolutionsData is the life-blood of the enterprise, without it, business cannot function optimally. Inaccurate data (or inaccurate interpretation of data) can lead to inaccurate decisions, therefore data integrity is essential.

Rapid availability of data helps organisations to make agile decisions.


Quantech specializes in database technologies such as:

  • SQL Server (97/2000/2005/2008)
  • Mysql
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL


Quantech has expertise in many fields of Data Management including:

  1. Quantech Business Intelligence Business Intelligence - inc: Extract Transform and Load (ETL), Cube Building, Reporting
  2. Quantech Database Administration Database Administration - inc: Database Optimisation, Database Monitoring, Backup procedures
  3. Quantech Database Design Database Design - inc: Data architecture, Data Modelling, Database Security, BI integration
  4. Quantech SQL Database Interrogation - inc: Stored Procedures, Advanced SQL, Query performance tuning


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