Putting the pieces together

Database Administration

How Can We Help?

Quantech Solutions can provide analysis, design (Data modeling, database optimization), and creation of new databases. The administration of existing enterprise databases.  Proactively monitor systems for optimum performance and capacity constraints.

We can write complex Structured Query Language (SQL) queries, and help establish standards and best practices for SQL. Also interact with and coach developers in SQL scripting


DBA Services

Quantech Database Administration Services Quantech Solutions provides Database Administration services such as:

  • Disaster Recovery (backups and testing of backups)
  • Performance Analysis and tuning
  • Data dictionary maintenance
  • Database design
    And also various other services depending on the business needs.

Other services include:

  • Installation of software and applying patches — Installtion new versions of Database Management System (DBMS) software, application software, and other software related to DBMS administration, and test it.Quantech Database Administration
  • Configuration of hardware and software with the system administrator — Work closely with the system administrator to configure hardware and software so that it functions optimally with the DBMS.
  • Security administration — Monitor and administer DBMS security. I.e. adding and removing users, administering quotas, auditing, and checking for security problems.
  • Data analysis —  Analysis of the data stored in the database, make recommendations relating to its performance and efficiency. I.e. create more effective indexes, enable "Parallel Query" execution, table partitioning etc.
  • Preliminary Database design (mentioned in more detail here) — Many problems that might occur can be avoided in the database design stage. Point out potential problems, and can provide aid with special performance considerations. 
  • Optimization and Data modeling — optimize the database design models to take advantage of I/O resources.