Putting the pieces together

Web Development and Design

Why web development?

Quantech Solutions is an Australian based Web Development company.

What if you could employ a tireless marketing depratment that worked 24 hours a day?  What if it could provide services that satisfied customers needs instantly, making them happy at the same time as reducing your own work load?

Quantech Web Development and Design expertise includes:

  • Quantech Solutions Website Design Logo and/or layout design
  • Quantech E-Commerce e-commerce solutions
  • Quantech Solutions Secure web development Security
  • Quantech SEO Internet Marketing inc: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay per click Advertising and Social Media Marketing
  • Quantech CMS - Content Management Web Content Management Systems - i.e. Drupal or Joomla
  • Quantech Solutions - Web based applications Web based applications (Internet or intranet based)
  • Quantech - Whole range of webdev approaches And much more...

We excel in achieving our clients' goals through the matching the right technologies for clients needs.  Our industry knowledge has been achieved through advanced technologies, experienced staff, and industry knowledge.

The technologies we use to deploy successful web applications include:

  • XHTML/CSS/Javascript libraries
  • LAMP - the common open source PHP/Mysql/Apache/Linux stack
  • .NET and IIS on the windows platform (C# and VB.NET, as well as classic ASP)
  • Database technologies like SQL Server and Mysql (please see more about this in our Data Manatement section)

Whether you are seeking professional Web site design, advanced back-end database, or looking to drive traffic to your Web site through intensive Internet marketing strategies, Quantech Solutions can provide you with the intelligent Web solution that your organization has been looking for.

Our websites work, and they work smart and hard.  Though we can design 'Brochure' based websites, we are not limited to this domain (like alot of web design companies are Quantech avoidance of common web development pitfalls).  We utilize an array of complimenting skillsets that allow for flexible and focused solutions to more precisely meet business needs.

We favour best practise approaches using best of breed technologies that are for today and the future, and avoid old 90s oriented st, using outdated and costly methodologies for getting your information to your Quantech PDA - iPhonecustomers.  We future proof websites, and we can also develop for use with mobile devices i.e. PDAs, iPhones, blackberries etc.


  • Quantech timely IT solutions Timely development life cycles: We get the job done fast when it is needed to be done fast without compromising on quality.
  • Quantech consistancy and reuse Consistant Design and Re-use: Leveraging consistent design principles across the website - making it easier on the eye, and easier to read and understand.  Also the reuse of tested libraries and modules to speed up development and reduce the chance of bugs.
  • Quantech - design principles - white space Clever utilization of white space: This can depend on the type of content, and its purpose. Web pages can look too stuffy, and people will avoid if there is to much content cramped.


Our approach

Through leveraging theoretical knowledge with industry experience we employ several combinations of powerful technologies, based on the LAMP stack and .NET.  The choice in the tools used is often based onclients existing technologies, their preferences, and what the clients needs are now, and where they will be in the future.  We provide support to create the best foundation for your online presence.

What we can do for you

Quantech Solutions use professional graphic designers and web developers to give your website the look and feel that your company needs. Please check out our portfolio for examples, you may be surprised at some of the things we can do for you!

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