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Did you know that the ROI ( return on investment) rate for email marketing is 73%? This percentage is higher than SEO, paid advertisements and affiliate marketing strategies for marketing sales. This is because emails are one of the most personalised ways to reach and engage with your consumers and promote your brands and products. Over 64% of small businesses already use email marketing campaigns to drive sales and widen their consumer base. But with over 4.258 billion email users and around 306 billion emails sent daily, you have to set your emails apart from other businesses to stand out and make a profit. Here are five effective strategies to drastically improve your email marketing skills and increase sales for your business:

5 Email Strategies To Increase Business Sales

  1. Personalise Your Email Campaigns

  Email marketing has come a long way from just sending a generic email to customers and expecting a response. Over 40% of consumers across the globe have around 50 unread messages in their mail. You must develop personalised mail catering to your consumer's interests to gain more traction and improve the open and click rate. According to studies, personalised emails can improve your transaction rate by around six times. Therefore you must use the following ways to personalise your emails and increase sales:  
  • Include your customer's name to make it more relatable.
  • Offer them services or products based on past purchases.
  • Use your real email signature to make it more authentic.
  • Include a reply email form so consumers can engage with you.
  • Ask for only relevant information that your business needs.
  1. Make Your Subject Line More Engaging And Catchy

  The subject lines are one of the major factors that improve the open and click rate of your emails. Around 47% of people will open an email with an engaging subject line that is short and crisp. Web development companies in Melbourne suggest keeping your subject line to around 6-10 words and creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.
  1. Find The Best Timings To Engage With Your Customers

  Doing a lot of research work is important to find the best time to engage with your customers. This means finding data to tell you when your consumers are most active online and opening your app to browse products. You can send them emails at these particular times to showcase new products or to engage consumers with discounts and deals to help improve the chances of a sale.   When you send targeted mail at a particular time, it is more effective than sending three to four emails at different times to a consumer. For instance, according to studies, marketing services should send mail on Wednesday at 4 pm for greater profits and sales.
  1. Use Segmented Data To Target Customers

  The main purpose of segmented data is to identify the target audience for your services or products to get a higher open and click rate. Around 59% of consumers have claimed that marketing emails have influenced what they purchase online. If you find information on your market and look at the gender, location and age groups, you can find the consumers that will most likely buy your products. For instance, if you sell car products, you should find a car manufacturer in the local region that will most likely be interested in your products.   Emailing a car product to a software firm or sending it to a faraway business will not benefit your business. Therefore, it is good to collect segmented data to find your target audience and then send personalised and catchy emails.
  1. Design Your Mails In A Mobile-friendly Manner

  Around 80% of online consumers have mobile phones and will most likely open their emails on these devices. You will most likely lose consumers if your emails are not customised with user-friendly designs. For instance, if your mail is only catered to the web when an interested consumer opens it on their cell phone, the design and images will be distorted. Therefore, alongwith good e-commerce web designs, you must create mobile-friendly emails that have the following:
  • Images of products and services
  • Large text written in bold letters
  • Single column for easy reading
  • An easy call to action button
  • Place useful text in the centre
  • Write engaging introductions


  With the above useful email marketing tips and strategies, you can raise profits for your business and reach larger audiences. The main thing to remember is always to test the subject lines, introductions, texts and designs of your emails to see which trends work and which need improvement so that you can use email marketing along with SEO to improve your business rankings.

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